Banpu Resort & Spa
199 Moo 1, Nongkhansong, Muang, Trat 23000 Thailand
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Centara Chaan Talay Resort & Villas
4/2 Moo 9, Tambol Laem Krud, Amphur Muang, Trat, 23000, Thailand
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Golden Cliff Beach Resort
5/5 Moo9, Lamgrad, Muang,Trat, 23000,Thailand
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วันอังคารที่ 16 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. 2553

Amphoe Klong Yai.

Tourism is .......

Hat Sai Ngam

Hat Sai Ngam {หาดทรายงาม}.
: Located on the main 41 km. Is a beach with sand is quite detailed, with pine-lined sea in the shade During the monsoon season between late May to early October. With strong waves, the sea is thick sediments, beach and shops do not carry continental food.

Hat Sai Kaew {หาดทรายแก้ว}.
: Located on the main 45 km. A quiet beach is not busy, the beach is a linear, fine sand grain. Accommodation and facilities, such as resort and restaurant division.

Hat Mai Rud
Hat Mai Rud {หาดไม้รูด}.
: Beach rock Pull the village close to the wood, which is a fishing village. Good to go sightseeing. Or purchase fresh seafood, and cook your own. Recommend to visit. A large seaside community. Fishing village into a professional side, you can buy fresh seafood from the port to prepare the mesh. Magnetic measurements and wood, with the establishment of dharma is a garden named "Saun Tham Maha MongKhon", Quiet - large shade trees, and watch the beautiful scenery.

Hat Ban Chuen {หาดบานชื่น}.
: Is the most beautiful beaches in the area this way. Ban Chuen Beach is white sand, very fine sand grain. Beach with coconut trees, sea and pine-lined planting beautiful And during the months of November - April the sea is very clear. Popular tourist destinations, to play in this sea.

วันอังคารที่ 2 พฤศจิกายน พ.ศ. 2553

Amphoe Khao Saming.

Wat Muang Kao Saen Tum
Wat Muang Kao Saen Tum (วัดเมืองเก่าแสนตุ่ม).
- The temple is a shady, surrounded by trees. Makes it ideal for relaxation and meditation. Expect a temple was built in the past Buddha, is believed to have properties under the surface of the temple is very sore, which is why they are called "Wat Saen Tum".

Archaeological Khao To Mo
Archaeological Khao To Mo (โบราณสถานเขาโต๊ะโมะ).
- Look like a mound covered with trees, rocks are dark brown bars. Is square and nine-sided, many-lined place. Length of about 30-150 cm (diameter of about 15-20 cm) and weigh about 10-100 kg, especially the placement of rocks similar to the shrine, and some pieces of historic stone here, when knocking is loud. ringing like a bell.